09:06:45 is a reflection on time, space and the constant need to justify this relationship through content. Images are created to conceive a digital space through a series of long take sequence made up of daily experiences that do not lead to any material production. Action consists in searching a context to dive into and become part of.

This is an experience that, through the movies, becomes a product, a work which tells a vicious circle, in an attempt to describe a generation of people who produce to rapidly consume, every day. These videos show moments captured from reality with a view to expand and contaminate them, trying, unsuccessfully, to escape time.

One of the goals is to become aware of the fact that even by doing nothing, or not doing what you’re expected to, you could conveny a meaning, such as in the open ending of a scene. This is true for both the viewer and the director.

This movies are born out of synergies between ordinary people and they lack any moral influence, just like the circumstances of everyday life. These events have, more often than one might expect, casual shapes which are difficult to understand, destroying old symmetries to create new ones.