The project “Where is Everybody?” was undertaken through a process that involved researchers from various disciplines. Astrophysicists, archaeologists, art critics, philosophers, students, and young artists were invited to a countryside house near the Realmese necropolis, following a format reminiscent of Boccaccio’s Decameron. They engaged in philosophical and scientific discussions, contemplating the challenge of conceiving a language beyond human experience. One of the initial reflections had drawn parallels between the numerous artificial caves in the region and black holes, gradually leading the group to question the implications of general relativity and quantum mechanics on our imaginative faculties. This first experience culminated in a video installation, a unique edition of an artist’s book, and a series of hand-embroidered pillows. 

The project’s title is inspired by a question posed by Enrico Fermi in the 1950s, which later symbolized the potential for alternative forms of life in the universe. “Where is Everybody?” was presented in 2023 as an immersive installation hosted by Eresie Pellegrine and Kunstschau at the Chiesa della Madonna degli Studenti in Lecce. And then It have been displayed at Aterraterra Lab in Palermo