Conceived by Angelo Leonardo and hosted by Silvia Mantellini Faieta in her Jordan home-studio, Season of Mistakes is a furious looking back framed by the impossibility to imagine the future. An anachronistic loop of “been there before” transformed into a temporary living space. The recurring state of changing houses along with side jobs appears like an alienating movement across the shades of precarity, a continuous self-reflection and vicissitude.
In the context of Home Sequence and as a result of a series of open invitations, the two artists stage a scenographic set, an open platform that works as a pretext for these narratives to emerge. Silvia Mantellini’s work interferes in the set questioning the different layers of consciousness that the body has to cross: solitude, trauma, exhaustion. Surrounded by the current rising wave of misogynism spread like a deadly virus at the Colonies, Silvia’s daily gestures remain still and silent as a deafening act of resistance.

Text by Angeliki Tzorzakaki