“De la betulla” is a hypothesis of a multimedia organism, a funnel channeler of public news. This facebook page started in November 2014 and ended in March 2015.The experience consisted in having a blank FB page. The difference that separates us from a traditional team lies in giving upon request the possibility to all followers to take care of the page at any time. All “gardeners” didn’t have to motivate the content they chose. They could publish anything, free from any thematic restriction. All the members of the group were defined gardeners. “Dai da mangiare a la betulla” (Feed the birch) was our way to define the role of the gardener in this context. A way to transport the practice of sharing in a specific performative act. Facebook pages can develop like plants in different ways. Every tree is unique in its form, even though it is still very similar to the species to which it belongs and related to the surrounding ecosystem. De la betulla, as an art project, aims to give life and develop the page in total spontaneity. It does not theorise another method, it does not pursue a social criticism, it doesn’t have any expectation nor presumptions. De la betulla accomplishes only a concept, a symbol: the idea of sharing. The metaphor of the gardeners that take care of the plants is like a collective internally self-powered system. It is never independent being free from the risk to be off topic and without the obligation of a central idea and common theme. Its sense is given simply by the relationship among different impulses, over time. Every gardener becomes immediately an administrator for the pure, sacred pleasure that sharing implicates.

The purpose of the page is to draw the biggest number of sources in the defined period. It’s lik a photo of the process of a collective past inside a precise historical period, through the eyes, ears and palms of the gardeners working in the field and what they plant.

Often the impulse of the gardener is not evaluated in qualitative terms, but in the quantitative ones, therefore given by frequency pulses. The entirety of the operation/activity does never examine the accuracy of the source, it does not want to tell a unique, linear story, but it focuses on the production rhythm, its accumulation and the consequent digestion/incorporation of the content.

The facebook page has been deleted, what remains are five copies of the catalog, which contains a selection of the posts published during the period in which the page was active.